Encouraging you to be the best version of you!

About Me


Welcome to my website, my name is Nichole and I consider myself a self proclaimed “Life Encourager” . What does that means? Simply, I encourage others to live their best life by becoming the best version of themselves. This came about because I had to work on becoming the best version of myself, after I experienced some traumatic challenges. Between 2015 to 2019 I experienced 2nd trimester miscarriages, 16 weeks in 2015, 20 weeks and 5 days in 2017 and 21 weeks and 6 days in 2018. I felt defeated, deflated and hopeless with each miscarriage and after the last miscarriage I struggled to live again. I had to dig deep and figure out ways to encourage myself and work towards becoming the best version of me and so in the beginning of 2019 I made up my mind to live again.

This was a pivotal year in my life as I began to utilize different techniques and tools to inspire, encourage and assist me to be come the best version of me. I didn’t want to keep this to myself so I am here to share those techniques with the hopes of encouraging you to be the best version of you. So, I am Nichole, your self proclaimed “Life Encourager”, where my mission in life is to inspire, assist and encourage you to be the best version of you. Yea You!!!


I am from the beautiful island of Jamaica and I migrated to the United States at the age of 18 to the Great Lakes state of Michigan. You may ask why Michigan (I get asked that all the time), but I had family here and it was best to be in an unfamiliar place with familiar faces. Fast forward a few years, a few degrees, a beautiful marriage to my wonderful husband Duran ( no kids yet), life has had its up and downs, sideways and backward steps and so I have found ways to navigate through life one encouraging thought at a time. Because of ups and downs of life, this website is birthed out of encouragement to myself and I said while I am encouraging myself, I can also encourage others.

I am an Electrical Engineering Manager to a highly engaged team of 30 + engineers & technicians. I enjoy solving problems I love to read, love nice cozy afternoon catching up on Netflix series, love baking and cooking and loveeee doing arts and crafts type of stuff. And most of all I love God, loveeeee my husband Duran, and loveeee my family and my friends I hope you enjoy your time here!!!!


We all go through experiences that did not turn out well, some right down devastating and for me I had to find ways in which to become the better version of me. I had to move from being bitter about my losses to being a better person, embracing those losses and I did this by applying tools and techniques such a gratitude journaling. I am here to help you on the road of becoming a the best version of you, by sharing these techniques. So join me on this journey on becoming better versions of our self.