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I AM …

I AM …… what comes after “ I am” is true to the conscious mind

I am Confident 

I am Strong 

I am Smart 

I am Beautiful 

The word, words and or statements that come after “I AM” is so important. Whatever, we continuously say after those 2 little words dictate:

– How we feel 

– How we act 

– How we live our lives


James 3:5 says the tongue is a small part of the body and yet it boasts great things. Anything after I AM is true to your mind and who you become.

So, if we continuously say words that impact our feelings negatively, we will go through the day feeling that way. For example, when we get up in the morning and the first thing we say is “I AM TIRED” guess what we are going to feel tired, even though we just woke up from 6-8 hours of sleep. We begin to feel tired and we just go through the day being tired and potentially not giving our best.

We must shift our thinking and start to speak positive words over our life. So, start saying I am going to have the energy to do God’s work today, I am going to have all the energy to complete all the goals I have set out to do today. Be conscious of the words we speak in our life because we will begin to feel what we speak into our lives, so let’s speak positive words over our lives


Our thoughts and our words become our actions. There is a quote that says:

Watch your thoughts for they become words 

Watch your words for they become your actions

For example, if we continuously say I am broke, I am broke, we are going to start acting broke. We will start doing things that will make us broke. As money comes into our hands it will leave our hands so fast that we couldn’t curl our fingers fast enough to hold on to it. We will begin to walk around saying I can’t afford this, and I can’t afford that, but in reality, if we looked at our income and our expenses and begin to manage them right, we will be surprised at our income power. We should instead begin to say “I AM PROSPEROUS” and once we say this repeatedly, we will begin to do things differently that will enable us to curl our hands in and hold on to that money and invest it so that we are prosperous.


Proverbs 18:21 says that there is death and life in the power of the tongue. So, what we verbalize over and over in our lives dictates the direction in which our lives will go. We choose daily what direction we want to go in by the words we say over and over.

Let’s finish the quote

Watch your thoughts for they become words 

Watch your words for they become your actions.

– Watch your actions for they become your habits 

– Watch you habits for they become your character 

– Watch your character for it becomes your destiny. 

I am a strong believer in the fact that we can literally define our destiny by the words we continuously speak in our lives. And it starts with those 2 little words.  “I AM”.

I had to change my destiny and begin to speak positive words over my life. I did this over the last year because after my third miscarriage, I began to say some negative “I AMs” over my life. I felt like a failure and began to speak that in my life. I would say things like,  I am a failure, my body failed me, I am not a mother, I am not good enough to be a mother. It took everything in me to turn that around, to shift my thinking, and begin to declare positive words over my life. It took time and one technique I used was use a red lipstick to write positive “I AMs” on our bathroom mirror. So, every time I went into the bathroom I had no choice but to repeat those positive “I AMs” over my life. Repeating these “I AMs” daily, reminded me of the wonderful person I AM and soon I began to feel, act and live the positive  “I AMs”. 

So, I am encouraging us today to use our words to change our life. Let’s start right now, by repeating the following “I AMs:










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